Riverlinks Golf will be a nine-hole golf course, including a driving range, with the potential to expand to additional holes in the future. It will provide job training in the areas of turf management and golf course operations. We are exploring ways to integrate edible/produce buffers into the course for a truly unique golf experience.


  • Provide job training and a career path for inmates

  • Provide the local community with a great recreational asset

  • Serve as a regional model for operating a golf course in an environmentally-friendly manner

  • Generate revenues that help sustain the overall Chesapeake Food Center project


We've done our best to estimate our project timeline. However, reality doesn't always cooperate with even the best-laid plans! The timeline below is our best current estimate of when Riverlinks Golf will be opened. The key factor in determining when the golf course will open is funding. If a funding source is secured more quickly than anticipated, we will be able to accelerate the timeline.

Timeline - golf.jpg

Riverlinks Golf

Nine-hole golf course with unique edible buffers, driving range, and putting green


Why is this part of the Chesapeake Food Center project?

Turf management is one of the most viable careers for individuals with a criminal record, so we are eager to include training in this area. The golf course will also be a great source of recreation, drawing the community to the Food Center to experience and learn about all aspects of the project. The property is a former country club that included an 18-hole golf course. Therefore, the land and much of the infrastructure for a golf course is already present, though it will need restoration.

Which nine holes are you planning to restore for golf?

Most likely, the "back nine" (holes 10 - 18 of the former golf course) will be restored to a working golf course. These holes are in relatively good shape, making restoration more feasible.

Will it be safe to have inmates working on the golf course?

Yes! Turf management is one of the most viable careers for individuals with a criminal record. It is common practice for golf courses, many of which are located in residential neighborhoods, to employ people who have been involved with the justice system. The inmates working at Riverlinks Golf must be eligible for work release and will be carefully selected to participate in the training.

Will the golf course be open to the public?

Yes, once it is operational, the golf course will be open to the public. There will be fees to play and membership packages may also be available. These will be open to anyone who is interested.

Will people be able to walk on the parts of the course that aren't restored for golf?

Yes, hopefully! It is our hope that our neighbors and the broader community will be able to enjoy walking at Chesapeake Food Center. We will have more detail and information about which areas will be open for walking in the future.

Education & Training

Education & job training are part of everything we do. This is integrated into every aspect of the project.