The event venue will accommodate up to 300 people for weddings, parties, fundraisers, and other events. It will offer training opportunities for students in all aspects of culinary arts, event management, and hospitality. We will create an event space that offers style and comfort for guests, while also supporting a robust training program for students.


  • Provide job training for students in all aspects of culinary arts

  • Build a workforce to support local culinary & hospitality businesses

  • Provide the community with much-needed large venue space

  • Employ adults with special needs

  • Create a revenue stream that helps sustain the Chesapeake Food Connection project

  • Incorporate locally sourced ingredients and finished goods to support local farmers and small businesses


We've done our best to estimate our project timeline. However, reality doesn't always cooperate with even the best-laid plans! The timeline below is our best current estimate of when the event venue will be opened. The venue will provide training opportunities for students on all aspects of the culinary arts and hospitality, so it is one of our top priorities.

Timeline - Manor & Table - ng.jpg


Why is this part of the Chesapeake Food Connection project?

The Eastern Shore of Maryland has a robust tourism economy, but hospitality businesses often have a difficult time hiring qualified employees. The event venue will provide extensive training and skills development for students interested in culinary and hospitality careers. We also hope to employ adults with special needs who will be able to help with food preparation and venue setup. The venue will also help sustain the overall Chesapeake Food Connection project through the venue rental and catering revenues it generates.

What kind of training and skills will students learn?

Students will have the opportunity to learn every aspect catering, service, and event management while working in the venue. Specific skills include, but are not limited to: - Food prep and food safety (cleaning, chopping, etc.) - Cooking, plating & presentation - Menu planning & ordering - Service & hosting - Event management software

Will you be using local products? How will this support the local economy?

We always seek to use local ingredients whenever possible. We also hope to serve local wine and spirits in the event bar. For weddings, we will work with local pastry chefs to provide wedding cakes. Another important way that the venue will support the local economy is through workforce development. We will be providing students with real-world skills and experience that will prepare them to work for restaurants, caterers, bars, hotels, and more.

Will there be a lot of noise and traffic? How often will you host events?

We anticipate hosting one large event (up to 300 people) per week, most likely on the weekend. There may be smaller events (<100 people) at other times during the week. We will position the venue to minimize disruption to neighboring propreties, and we will ensure that there is ample parking.