Farming4Hunger will expand upon a highly successful, proven program that launched in Charles County in 2012. Farming4Hunger uses food and agriculture as a backdrop to provide job training, life coaching, and mentorship to justice-involved individuals. It also hosts students for field trips and day camps where they learn the importance of making good life choices. There is special emphasis on addiction prevention and recovery. This powerful program has many facets. Please click here to download a PDF with more detail about Farming4Hunger.


  • Provide job training and a career path for male inmates

  • Reduce recidivism and improve community safety

  • Prevent new opioid abuse and prevent relapses

  • Teach students about proper nutrition, agriculture, and positive life choices

  • Achieve improved classroom behavior and improved student outcomes

  • Provide team building, anti-bullying, and other specialized programs


We've done our best to estimate our project timeline. However, reality doesn't always cooperate with even the best-laid plans! Our top priority for the overall Chesapeake Food Connection project is Farming4Hunger. We will be planting 5 acres of crops and beginning construction on a new classroom building as soon as possible.

Watch the Farming4Hunger Video


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